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Japanese Garden - Private Residence

Japanese Garden - Private
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Barry Chinn Associates have worked with Whiting Landscape, on the development of the garden and water features for a number of years. The Japanese Garden, that was completed at the end of 2007, was designed and constructed to fit within an area of mature trees and shrubs and to link into the existing water features.

The client’s brief was to create a Japanese Garden with a Koi pond and traditional Tea House structure in part of a former garden. One of the main aims was to use the mature trees and vegetation as a setting for the Japanese Garden and to incorporate the new features to give an impression of instant maturity.

The proposed Tea House structure was designed to have a direct relationship to the water with a large cantilevered deck over the Koi pool. The design of the paving, planting and rockwork around the upper pool was to emulate the more natural Japanese style of garden, whilst the lower pool is a larger more natural pool that relates to the wider, more open, grass areas of the garden.