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The Grange - Desborough

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The Grange, Entrance - Desborough
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In 2002 Barry Chinn Associates were appointed as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop the infrastructure masterplan for a new residential development consisting of housing, leisure centre and a country park on the outskirts of Desborough.

The development brief aimed to ensure that the design of the scheme was of high quality, and provided an attractive environment that related well to the rest of Desborough.

Entrance Area & Avenue
The new entrance roundabout was sensitively accommodated into the existing landscape by providing a gradation of new planting, with native field hedgerows leading into the more ornamental site entrance. A large, semi-mature Austrian Pine provides a landmark to the site entrance, with a further 56 trees planted around the new site entrance. Of these trees twenty-four were semi-mature Hornbeams, which formed a new avenue leading from the site entrance to the central square. The hard nature of Hornbeam wood and the previous use of the site, for iron ore extraction, provided the inspiration for the name “Ironwood Way”.

Pocket Park
At the site entrance a Pocket Park was created to act as an entrance marker and provide a focal point. This seating area comprised of block paving, benches and bollards, set within ornamental ground cover shrubs and lawns.

The Plens Northern Buffer
This was a fifteen metre wide landscaped belt running along the northern boundary of the Plens Nature Reserve. A footpath meanders along the course of this buffer planting, providing an east-west walking route linking into local paths and helping to take the pressure off the Plens itself.