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Jubilee Park - London Docklands

Jubilee Park - London Docklands
Jubilee Park - London Docklands
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Barry Chinn Associates were responsible for delivering the concept design aspirations of Jacques and Peter Wirtz, of Wirtz International.

Designed as the single largest open space at Canary Wharf, the area now known as Jubilee Park was formed by moving the dock edge south in order to locate proposed high–rise towers (prime office space within the heart of the business district) around the park edge. Measuring approximately 1 hectare in size, the park was built over the structures of the RT3 retail centre and the existing Fosters Jubilee Line station. When seen from above, the park reads as a pattern of curvilinear movements and bold, organic shapes, contrasting with the geometric forms of the surrounding built environment.

Detailed design development took on board the complexities of forming mounds over proposed and existing structures, constructing a unique 25 pool water feature raised 1m above ground with each pool containing a 500mm high foaming jet fountain. A simple yet bold palette of plant material was selected to compliment the built form of the amenity space. The park provides a tranquil green space in the centre of the development that allows for people to sit, eat and relax during the day.

The project was completed in November 2002 and was awarded the Grand National BALI Award in November 2003.