Another jigsaw completed!

Staff at BCA have been completing jigsaw puzzles during their lunchtimes (and every time they walk past the table)!   It all started with the Father

Competition Results!

The BCA office has been well and truly decked out this month, when they held a Christmas Desk Decorating Competition. Emma won Best in Show

Biscuit anyone?

Hiromi has been baking again! This time it’s fabulous festive creations. Hurry before they’re all gone. Merry Christmas.

Safe Arrival!

Congratulations to our Associate, Jason and his wife Nicola on the safe arrival of their twin girls. Their Son Alfie is now officially “Big Brother”.

30th Anniversary day

BCA staff surprised the Directors today by decorating the office with balloons, banners and bunting to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the company (3rd November 1993);