World Mental Health Day

As we approach World Mental Health Day (October 10th) and following the highlighted huge health disparities from the pandemic, there have been phenomenal changes in the way we live and work alongside economic uncertainty and consequently, there are higher numbers of people experiencing mental ill health.

Emma Shirley our Office Manager attended a two-day course in August to become a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA).


This role is important in providing advice and support to an individual or team and if required, guide them to appropriate professional help.  MHFA England will continue to motivate, support and ensure her confidence in this role to continue this invaluable work.


Following Emma’s attendance at the course has led to a review of our internal policies and documents to ensure support is provided when required. Below is the ALGEE action plan.


Approach, assess and assist with any crisis

Listen and communicate non judgmentally

Give support and information

Encourage appropriate professional help

Encourage other supports


For further advice please contact MHFA England or Mental health – NHS